About Sirat Chicago

Sirat is a neighborhood space that supports independent initiatives around arts, education, service and community building. We encourage community service and religious engagement, all in the spirit of confidently engaging our Muslim tradition.


Sirat hopes to be a reliable community partner and resource for a variety of groups, programs, individuals and congregations around the neighborhood. Supporting and encouraging a creative, inclusive, authentic expression of community life is what drives us.


A regular gathering space is a critical piece of missing infrastructure in our community. Our goal is to act as the responsible financial agent in securing and maintaining such a space. We believe that a brick and mortar, multi-use center will be a great support for our community.

We believe that sustainability includes the ability to seamlessly blend our everyday lives, with the neighborhood we live in. It is our intention that Sirat will set forth a confident Muslim identity while building on relationships with our friends and neighbors.


Growing a vibrant healthy community that serves of our diverse neighborhood is a priority.

We are eager to engage the good will that surrounds us. By standing with those who support social justice, mutual respect and service, our shared values can flourish.

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