5333 S Greenwood

February 29th: There is currently a competing offer on this property and we need to respond quickly to secure it.

The history of this building goes deep into the roots of American Islam. The pictures above show the building in its original use, as a school and University.  The building to the right was the Nation of Islam’s Temple No. 2 which was sold long ago, torn down and replaced with town homes.

If you are able to donate or to help organize a fundraising effort please contact us using the tabs on our homepage.


February 15th: We were really encouraged by the turnout last week to see the space as well as by the enthusiastic response from everyone who was there.  Our next steps are as follows:

  1. Get an accurate appraisal and inspection, cost $1200.  If you can contribute to this cost, please click the DONATE tab.
  2. Prepare a budget for what it will cost to maintain the space, monthly utilities etc
  3. Confirm the zoning and use group with the city
  4. Determine what our best offer can be and … Make it!!
  5. Recruit a suitable “Anchor Tenant” to ensure reliable revenue.  In our estimation, the best tenant will be someone who is willing and capable of managing school/childcare programs.
  6. Start fundraising in earnest.  If you can join the Fundraising Team, please email siratchicago@gmail.com with “Fundraising” in the subject line


Located on a tree lined, sunny street in the heart of Hyde Park, 5333 S Greenwood is at the top of our list for a brick and mortar community space.  Only 2 blocks from campus with a park and the shops of 53rd Street nearby, we are sure that this would be a terrific spot to house many community events and programs.

Once home to the Clara Muhummad School, this location offers the possibility of reclaiming an important part of our history while planning a vibrant future.

Please join the effort by making a donation or loan to help us buy this property bi-ithn’Allah, with God’s permission. (click DONATE on the home page).

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